A downloadable game for Windows

A First Person Gambler set on a space riverboat.  Pirates have invaded, fend them off using your gun and gambling skills!

(Gamejam game / made in 48 hours)


How to Play

Your gun has three modes:

  • Normal (LMB) - Shoot enemies
  • Expectigun (RMB) - Gamble.  Deals three cards to determine damage dealt to enemy, one is chosen at random.  If you're quick, you can shoot cards to remove them and change the odds.
  • Unexpectigun (MMB or 'R' key) - Extreme gamble: these outcomes will sometimes be bad for you!  You'll need to be a quick shooter to avoid them, but even then sometimes you get an unexpectedly good or bad hand.

Level up by defeating enemies, giving you stronger attacks.

Defeat the two Pirate Leaders to win!

Full Playthrough


Unexpectigun.zip 47 MB


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What a refreshingly interesting concept! Sporting simple environments and hilariously silly pirates, Unexpectigun shines through with a snappy, jazzy soundtrack and cool-blues shootouts that will leave you outnumbered but not outgunned. 

Gambling the odds while surrounded by hordes of pirate henchmen is a surprisingly entertaining feat, accentuated by the aerial acrobatics of careening through the air in bullet time while gunning down swaths of baddies, as befitting a true space cowboy - er, gambler.

Definitely a fun concept that I can absolutely see having even further potential.